4 Reasons to Choose Fibroblast Skin Tightening Over Risky Plastic Surgery

We’ve all done it. We try to take care of ourselves – eat right, exercise, get enough sleep, drink our 8 glasses of water a day – but in the midst of our busy lives, we tend to neglect our skin. Then one day, we see a picture of ourselves for the first time in a long time, and we think, Oh my word! I look….*GASP*…OLD!


If this has happened to you (as it has to me!), there’s no need to panic! Technological advances in skincare mean we can all take a sip from the fountain of youth. New treatments like fibroblast skin tightening can turn back the clock without the risks associated with traditional plastic surgery.


So, what is fibroblast skin tightening exactly? In layman’s terms, a special pen is used to “blast” high-frequency electrical impulses into the skin, and the heat from the currents results in minor damage. As the micro-injuries heal, the body produces extra collagen and elastin to help speed up the process, resulting in tighter, smoother, younger-looking skin.


In other words, your fairy godmother waves her magic wand…er…pen, and you’re instantly ready for the ball. Pretty cool, right?


You might be asking yourself, but is fibroblast worth it? If I REALLY want results, isn’t it better for me to resort to the tried-and-true method of going under the knife? Well…maybe…but here are 5 reasons fibroblast just may be a better option for you.


  1. Cost

Let’s admit it. Cost can be a HUGE deterrent to plastic surgery. Why do you think we usually associate the procedures with celebrities and trust-fund socialites? It isn’t always a realistic option financially for everyday people. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the average cost of a facelift is $7,467. And that’s before you add on all the medical expenses associated with having surgery – anesthesia, hospital stay, etc. Fibroblast treatments, on the other hand, cost between $250 – $1200.


  1. Results

Okay, okay – so it’s CHEAPER. But…are the results comparable? Although fibroblast can’t completely stop the aging process, the results are permanent and can last for years. It also results in a much more natural look. You know when you see a celebrity who’s had a facelift and they just don’t look like the same person anymore (*cough*…Courtney Cox…*cough*)? Yeah, you won’t have that problem with fibroblast. Your family (and your fans!) will still know it’s you.


  1. No Invasive Surgery

This may be the most compelling reason to choose fibroblast over a facelift. There’s always a risk involved with invasive surgery – getting put under anesthesia, having someone cut you up, and then someone putting you back together again. It’s like Humpty Dumpty. Are you sure you’re going to get put back together again the way you want!? With fibroblast, there’s no cutting, no bleeding, no stitches. What’s not to like about that?


And that brings me to my final point


  1. MUCH Less Recovery Time

Side effects from a facelift include bruising and swelling, and the recovery time is about 2 to 3 weeks. 2 to 3 weeks holed up in your house with ice packs, gauze, ointment, and a good book to keep you company. No thank you! With fibroblast skin tightening, you are out the door and on your way after about an hour and a half. The side effects are minimal (usually some redness and slight swelling) and you don’t have to put your life on hold while your skin recovers.


While it’s true that confidence comes from within, it also helps when we feel good about our appearance and the face we present to the world. How much better if we can gain that confidence with a safe and effective procedure that’s also easy on our wallets. Take that money you’re going to save by skipping surgery and go buy yourself a pair of sassy pants. With all the confidence you’ll gain from your fibroblast skin tightening procedure, you’re definitely going to need them!`